15 Best Bronzers Of 2021 + How To Apply It Correctly

Bronzer may not be everyone’s must-have beauty grab, but I’d argue it doesn’t get enough credit. What other makeup product can help you look like a glowy sun goddess in the dead of winter? Certainly not your trusted tube of lip balm. Not to mention, a strategic sweep of contour can chisel the cheekbones and sculpt your entire face shape. 

Although, selecting your bronzer is a bit of an intimidating task (as is applying it correctly, but we’ll dive into that in a moment). Choose the wrong texture, and it can pill or look streaky; swipe on the wrong shade for your undertones, and it can read orange or splotchy on the skin. 

That’s why we created this menu of options for you to choose from, so you can find just the bronzer you’re looking for—a cream number for razor-sharp contour, a subtle shimmer to catch the light, a pressed powder for pillowy-looking skin, and the list goes on.

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