3 Common Slugging Mistakes A Top Derm Wants You To Avoid

As we explained above, occlusive moisturizers trap whatever is on your skin underneath the moisturizing layer. So if you’re experiencing breakouts, you definitely don’t want to lock in the bacteria and oil coming from your pimples. Instead, reach for a non-comedogenic moisturizer to ensure your skin is adequately hydrated without further clogging the pores. 

And if you are facing some pretty consistent breakouts, you may want to reconsider slugging altogether. To be frank, slugging isn’t recommended for those with oily or acne-prone skin at all; even if you use a non-comedogenic product, such an occlusive environment can trap dead skin and oil and cause acne to thrive. 

If you’re experiencing breakouts in some areas but dry patches in another (classic combination skin struggle), then you may be able to slug over your dry skin, but just be sure the goop doesn’t cover your breakouts. 

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