3 Green Beauty Swaps To Make, From An Eco-Justice Advocate

This one takes a bit more research, but we consider it an important part of the discussion for the long haul: Find brands that use renewable energy as part of their production process—or have a plan in place to do so. 

“A lot of these factories where many of these beauty and cosmetic products are being produced rely on burning dirty energy and fossil fuels,” she says. “And so in the long term, we need people who are really demanding that beauty companies run their factories and operations off of renewable energy to be able to reduce their carbon emissions.” 

And we are firm believers in celebrating progress in the right direction—and encouraging companies to take those steps. So reach out to the brands you shop from, and see what emission goals they have on the horizon. “If you care about ethical beauty and about buying from companies that do care about being sustainable, you need to ask them about goals to reduce their emissions in the next few decades,” she says. “And if they don’t have a plan, why are you purchasing from them?”

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