3 Oral Health Tips To Practice, From A Regenerative Dentist

“Depending on whether we’re unders stress or other environmental factors, we oxidize a lot,” he says, noting why it’s so important to consume antioxidant rich foods, and a wide variety of them. A few of Curatola’s favorites for gum and oral health: “Vitamin C, coenzyme Q10, vitamin E, and vitamin D3.”* 

Another point of oxidation, according to Curatola? Teeth whiteners, which is why you need to be particularly careful around the gums during this process. “A lot of teeth whitening products work by a process of oxidation—they use hydrogen peroxide and carbon peroxide. So in our office, we isolate the gums when we whiten the teeth. And then we also use an antioxidant gum mask,” he says. 

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