3 Rosacea Triggers & Causes According To A Dermatologist

Your diet does not cause rosacea, however what you eat can influence how well it is managed. Specifically some foods can trigger flare-ups, both anecdotally and via research. And unfortunately, the list is long. 

“The National Rosacea Society came up with the list of many triggers that were commonly reported by rosacea patients, and foods were off the charts,” she says, noting items like coffee, tea, red wine, avocados, citruses, nuts, spinach, soy, and spicy herbs. “It’s a very long list, so it would be unmanageable to avoid everything on it—especially because many of these are healthy foods. It’s not just cookies and cake.” 

Rather, she says, if you can identify a few that give you particular issues—just be mindful of their effects and don’t consume them in excess. 

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