3 Tips From A Holistic Esthetician & Acne Specialists

“We use a lot of gentle effective chemical exfoliants that won’t strip the skin but will expose the clear skin underneath, such as mandelic acid,” she says, noting she likes this option from Face Reality. “Mandelic acid is a great example of a gentle alpha-hydroxy acid that will dissolve the dead skin cells on the surface to clear the skin.”

While she says you can play around with what chemical exfoliant works for your skin (we also love glycolic and lactic acids), she says what’s most important is that you’re not using an abrasive physical exfoliant, like a face brush or scrub. “A scrub, for example, is creating micro-tears in the skin. If you have inflammation in the skin, then the last thing you want is to make it worse by scrubbing it.” 

But the most important thing here is you just need to be gentle—disrupting your slip barrier is ultimately harmful to acne-sufferers and can make it worse.

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