5 Questions With Self-Made Millionaire Allyson Byrd

“The better it gets, the better it gets, the better it gets!” That’s the mantra I learned from Allyson Byrd and continue to use every day in my coaching practice and, frankly, my life. I stumbled upon Allyson Byrd on Instagram and was instantly hooked by the way she spoke about her life and money. Each post felt like a beautiful riddle my brain had to solve. In reality what was happening was she was simplifying money in a way I never knew. 

Allyson’s journey to success from an underprivileged life on food stamps, a dad in prison, and a single mom raising two kids to the ultra-passionate successful leader she is today and the undeniable stand she has taken for women rising into their greatness, well…I was inspired and lit up. She thought differently about money because she had to. 

If you’re an entrepreneur or a side hustler, this next statement is going to feel very familiar; what I didn’t realize when I started my business was the immense work I would need to do on my mindset in order to actually make money. If you’ve done any mindset work, you know it will transform every part of your life, and your money game is no different. It also can be the most challenging shift, feeling a bit like a cerebral field of dreams: “Think it and it will come.” 

Allyson Byrd is a money mindset strategist and is known as the Profit Accelerator™. And grow profits she does. Allyson is a master at bridging mindset into action and transforming how you look at your life and money. Collectively, her clients generate $33 million-plus in sales revenue annually. Not only is she a self-made millionaire, but she’s helping others create that reality for themselves. She has been featured on CNN, USA Today, NPR, Time Money, Forbes, Yahoo Finance, Business Insider, CNBC, MSN, Black Enterprise, Essence, and Entrepreneur.com. Here, a Q&A I had with Byrd.

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