5 Spiritual Meanings & What To Do About It

As Star Wolf explains, the main thing to do when you’re seeing a lot of ladybugs is to figure out what the message is for you. She adds that if you’re seeing them by yourself, it’s a personal message, though if ladybugs are showing up around a group of people, it’s a collective message.

Figuring out the message comes down to the context in which you saw the ladybug, what’s going on in your life at that time, and even what you were thinking or talking about at the moment the ladybug(s) appeared.

For example, perhaps you’ve been feeling drained from winter weather, but signs of spring are finally starting to appear. In this case, seeing a ladybug could be a bit of encouragement to tap into that resilient ladybug spirit and keep pressing on to warmer days.

Or, maybe you just met someone new who you really liked, then moments afterward, a few ladybugs land on you. This could be a sign that you just made a new, loving connection in your life, and to keep pursuing them.

Or, as ladybugs represent good luck, one could land on you right before a job interview, offering you an extra dose of good luck and good fortune.

In any case, tap into your intuition and ask the universe what you’re meant to know from your encounters with ladybugs.

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