6 Expert-Backed Strategies To Stop Picking Your Lips

Hi there, frequent lip picker, here—and if you’ve stumbled across this article, I’ll assume you are, too. Glad we can all gather in this safe space. 

As many of us lip pickers know, the habit has downstream effects (the thin skin on your lips is especially delicate and prone to scarring, discoloration, and the like), but sometimes you just can’t resist tearing off those dry bits. And while lip picking knows no season, it tends to get worse in the colder months when your pout becomes drier and thus more prone to cracking—so, ahem, right about now. 

It seems like an opportune time to round up the best (and we mean best!) expert tips to help curb the urge to pick and peel. Here’s how to keep finicky fingers at bay and keep your lips soft, full, and supple. 

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