6 Expert Tricks To Safely Curl Eyelashes Without A Curler

Not all mascara brushes are created equal: Some are great for volume, others provide separation, and some are strictly meant for lift and curl. For the latter, you’ll want a curved mascara wand, which helps provide lift to the base, and the bristles should be fairly dense, especially on the inner end. 

“If you’re looking for curl, you want a mascara wand that is dense with a lot of bristles,” says makeup artist Jude Andam. “Similar to a round brush for your hair, this mascara brush will grab lashes and gently pull them up as you apply to create a lifted look.” Graylane Beauty’s Curling Mascara and Kosas’ The Big Clean Mascara both fit the bill. 

Your mascara application can make all the difference, too: “Building a heavy layer of mascara at the base of your lashes can help give them some lift,” says Patinkin. “Go in with a densely bristled applicator and press and lift into the base of your lashes while making a gentle back-and-forth motion. Don’t take too much [product] all the way up to the tips, but do hold your lashes up with the applicator while the base dries, and then repeat once or twice more.” By holding the lashes up as the mascara dries at the base, they should stay lifted. Just don’t pack on pigment at the tips of the lashes, as you can weigh them back down. 

If that doesn’t work, “Another way to curl your lashes is to take a thickening mascara, lay it on top of the lashes, and twist the wand as you apply in an outward and upward direction,” suggests Dorman. “This will catch your lashes as you twist and pull them up into a curl.” Full disclosure: This trick takes some practice, as you can easily smudge mascara onto your lids the first couple of tries.

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