7 Delectable Cookies & Creamy Shakeology Recipes

We introduced a new Shakeology flavor to the family this year: Cookies & Creamy Shakeology!

And don’t worry, Cookies & Creamy Plant-Based Vegan Shakeology is still the whole-food-based shake you know and love.

In honor of this latest Shakeology flavor, our genius shake-making team came up with these seven scrumptious recipes.

Shakes, protein balls, nice cream — you want it, there’s a recipe for it.

So get out your blenders and get shakin’!

Just Cookies & Creamy Shakeology Smoothie in glasses

Our Shakeology mixologists work hard every day, mad science-ing delicious, irresistible recipes.

But this recipe is for the days you just want to savor Cookies & Creamy Shakeology. All you need is water, ice, and a scoop of Cookies & Creamy Shakeology — that’s it!

Get the recipe.

Mint Chip Cookies & Creamy Shakeology in a glass

This smoothie recipe takes two classic flashback flavors and combines them to create a creamy, cold treat.

This is one treat you can enjoy every day, thanks to our latest permanent Shakeology flavor, Cookies & Creamy Plant-Based Vegan Shakeology!

Get the recipe.

Cookie dough energy bites in a bowl

Calling all cookie monsters: These Cookies & Creamy Cookie Dough Bites are going to be your new favorite snack!

This recipe, made with Cookies & Creamy Plant-Based Vegan Shakeology, proves that you don’t have to give up flavor and fun when you’re eating healthy.

Get the recipe.

Coconut Dreamy Cookies and Creamy Shakeology

Pop quiz: How do you make Cookies & Creamy Shakeology even more delectable and delicious?

Answer: Invite coconut and banana to the party!

With just half a banana and some coconut milk, your tastebuds will be transported to a tropical destination.

Get the recipe.

Cookies & Creamy Banana Split Shakeology in glasses

Nothing screams childhood nostalgia like a banana split — it was a treat to go to the ice cream store on a hot summer night and gobble down an icy-cold banana split with a cherry on top.

This banana split recipe with Shakeology reimagines that childhood dessert and kicks it up several notches by making it a snack that you can have every single day.

Get the recipe.

Cookies Creamy Shakeology Nice Cream in a glass

A cold bowl of ice cream with cookies and cream on a hot day sounds like heaven, but it’s not a great treat when you’re trying to keep your nutrition on point.

Lucky for you, we came up with this easy and delicious “nice cream” recipe that’s delicious and will help you stay on track.

The secret to any nice cream recipe? Frozen bananas.

Then we added Cookies & Creamy Shakeology, almond milk, vanilla extract, and maple syrup for a light, sweet flavor.

Get the recipe.

Coconut Cookies & Creamy Shakeology in glasses

This simple, super-fast smoothie recipe pops with coconut flavor.

All you need is four ingredients: Cookies & Creamy Shakeology, coconut milk beverage, ice, and shredded coconut. Easy peasy!

Get the recipe.

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Photos of Cookies & Creamy Shakeology Recipes

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