A Beauty Editor Reviews Jones Road Shimmer Oils

This light, cushiony formula imparts the most magical light-catching shimmer and practically sinks into skin upon contact—with four skin-enhancing shades ranging from a struck-gold finish (aptly named Midas) to a sweet flushed pink (called Pink Opal). Personally, I’ve become partial to Cool Rose’s effect, as it gives the perfectly soft mauve appearance on me. But the quartet of hues can blend into any skin tone to play up any sort of glow—no matter if you want something a touch more bronze and regal, or if you’re looking for a slightly dewy aesthetic.

The light-as-a-serum texture is thanks to the blend of oils used as the base—notably jojoba oil. Jojoba is an expert-favorite oil as it’s structurally similar to your skin’s natural oils. This means it more seamlessly blends into the skin, which results in a more natural finish overall. But the botanical oil is also loaded with barrier-strengthening properties, so you’re building up your skin’s natural glow while wearing it. It also contains orange and grapefruit peel oil for free-radical fighting antioxidants and coconut oil for fatty acids and a moisture-boost. But what I love most about this blend is that it truly sinks into skin—there’s no greasy residue or tacky film that catches every stray hair. It’s just a silky thin layer of subtle shine. 

And much like the other products from the no-makeup makeup brand, they’re oh-so-fun to play with. I wear the pink shades atop the apples of my cheeks—sometimes as a standalone blush, sometimes paired with another cream option—when I’m going all-in on a pink flush. Or I’ll gently tap the gold number on my eyelids, cupid’s bow, and various other high points. Now that the weather is starting to warm up, I’ve slicked on the Bronze shade over my collarbone and cheekbones, providing a sun-kissed wash of color. I love a product where there are no rules, only fun. 

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