A Cardiologist Shares His Top 3 Foods For Longevity

Quite the surprising pick, we’d say! Of all the longevity-supporting foods we’ve discussed, this is the first time cheese makes the list. But according to Gundry, high-quality cheese often gets a bad rap: “I was actually talking with [professor of genetic epidemiology at King’s College, London] Tim Spector M.D., and he says we’ve got to stop beating up on cheese,” Gundry explains. “So I decided to start looking at Blue Zones.” 

Specifically, he highlights two of the most famous Blue Zones: Sardinia, Italy, and the Nicoya Peninsula in Costa Rica. “The Sardinians with extreme longevity are the ones who live up on top of the mountain, and they are goat- and sheepherders,” Gundry says. “Only the [people] up top are eating goat and sheep cheese products.” And because these products contain MCTs and polyamine compounds, Gundry says they may have a positive effect on your mitochondria. 

Now, let’s look at the Nicoya Peninsula: “What do you think they’re raising on the Nicoya Peninsula that they don’t have in the rest of Costa Rica? Goats,” Gundry says. “It’s the cheese that they’re eating, all the goat and milk products, that differentiates them from everybody else…So there’s two Blue Zones where cheese is the secret to their long lifespan.” Pure coincidence? Gundry isn’t so sure.

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