A Hormone Expert On Why You Should Avoid Midday Coffee

“Instead, we want to level off that energy,” Bhatia says, by getting your nutrients optimized. Make sure you have a fiber-fueled breakfast and satiating lunch to keep your blood sugar levels balanced and avoid the dreaded dip midday. (See here for some meal inspiration.) 

You may also want to find ways to keep your cortisol levels steady. “Many of us who are having that afternoon crash are having a cortisol crisis, so to speak,” Bhatia explains. See, elevated levels of cortisol raise blood sugar over time, which can contribute to that midday crash. Plenty of factors can unintentionally escalate your cortisol levels, like lack of sleep, increased stress, poor diet, etc., but you can implement certain habits to keep those levels balanced.

For example: “Maybe [use] adrenal adaptogens that indirectly support cortisol balance,” offers Bhatia, like ashwagandha and holy basil. “That might be a better option to keep you off this train of a big spike in insulin with a cup of coffee and then a big drop in blood sugar.” She also touts medicinal mushrooms, like reishi and shiitake. “The entire mushroom family is amazing for giving you that afternoon jump many people need.” Research even shows that the anti-inflammatory properties of medicinal mushrooms can enhance energy metabolism in mitochondria—and when your cells are energized, your body feels rejuvenated, too.

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