A Longevity Expert On The Link Between Sleep & Longevity

OK, it’s more of a cheeky response than an actual “clinic,” but the logic totally stands. See, when you sleep, your body shifts into “rest mode,” with a focus on repair and restoration for practically every cell in your body—that’s why proper shut-eye is essential to brain function, immunity, muscle repair, metabolic health, and much, much more. It’s even clinically shown to support a longer lifespan, which is why Young files sleep into one of his aforementioned “longevity buckets.”

In terms of how much sleep carries you over the threshold, it’s not so cut and dried—everyone has a different ideal sleep schedule, after all. “My rule is eight hours in the bed, seven hours of sleep,” Young offers. Still, he suggests prioritizing deep, quality sleep over quantity (because it’s not just about clocking hours). “When people ask me what they can change in the next two weeks, I’m always advising them to run on vegetables and give your body and mind enough sleep,” Young adds. “The transformation that you can do in two or three weeks is really amazing.” 

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