A Simple Recipe For Healthy, Vegan Granola Jam Bars

If you’re asking me, a simple baked treat you can make in less than an hour—and eat for breakfast, a snack, or even dessert—is worth a place on any home cook’s roster. So when the team at Thrive Market reached out about this recipe from their new cookbook Healthy Living Made Easywhich is available as of today on their website, I knew it was one we had to share.

“This cookbook is an extension of our vision,” Thrive Market’s co-founder Nick Green explains, “tangible proof that you don’t need to spend a lot of time or money to make a meal for your family that’s also mindful of your values and lifestyle choices.” Since they’re quick to make and easy to store, these bars are a perfect example of a family-friendly, make-in-advance treat.

These jammy bars start with a base of oats, nuts, flour, and coconut sugar (brought together with coconut oil, so they stay truly plant-based). The recipe calls for pre-made fruit spread—just be sure to check the ingredients and look for one without added processed sugars (yes, like the Organic Fruit Spreads from Thrive Market). Alternatively, you can create your own homemade jam.

The combination of the nutty (and nutmeg-y) base with a sweet fruit spread is lovely, and particularly tasty if you opt for one with a bit of zing, like a raspberry, apricot, or even sour cherry. Though the base calls for nutmeg alone, you could play around with spices (like maybe add some cinnamon) as you try different fruits. One beauty of a recipe like this: It’s so easy to personalize to your taste.

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