A Vegetarian Enchilada Zucchini Boat Recipe For Weeknight Meals

This clever take on the flavors of enchiladas uses zucchini in the place of tortillas—a swap that adds an extra dose of veggies. Plus, this replacement reduces the carbohydrates of the traditional recipe, for anyone who follows a low-carb lifestyle.

“Black beans, one of my top-two favorite legumes, are center stage in this creative dinner,” writes Cassy Joy Garcia in her new book Cook Once Dinner Fix. “They’re put to excellent use in some festive enchilada-stuffed zucchini boats.”

As for technique, “If you’ve ever attempted zucchini boats before, you know that there’s a bit of a trick to perfecting the method,” she writes. “In my opinion, not overcooking them is key. These boats are light, fresh, and gorgeous.”

The prep also calls for making more black beans than you actually need. Garcia recommends cooking them in a chili the next day, but you could use them in anything from veggie burgers to a delicious soup.

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