An Editor-Approved Supplement To Help Evoke Calm*

While my friendly (and patient) coworkers played a role in my not-so-stressful onboarding, a quick chat with mindbodygreen’s science team validated my positive experience with calm+. It all comes down to ingredients. 

The key ingredient is EU and USDA-certified organic, full-spectrum European hemp oil, which contains a variety of bioactives such as phytocannabinoids, terpenes, and flavonoids. Beyond being a mouthful to pronounce, these compounds help modulate stress response and promote calm through the endocannabinoid system or ECS.* 

Although the health of your ECS is rarely top of mind—at least, not for me—it plays an important function in your body. The communication network is responsible for homeostasis, otherwise known as your body’s balanced mode, with day-to-day variability of course. By nurturing this system, calm+ supports an array of vital functions of the mind and body, including easing everyday stress and fostering a positive mood.*

As if that wasn’t enough, the supplement also packs 240 milligrams of Shoden® ashwagandha. While it’s easy to be skeptical of many ingredients, the botanical has clinical evidence supporting its ability to reduce cortical and DHEA-S at that very dose.* We love science! 

Plus, it’s paired with Bulgarian lavender oil. While I’ve felt the calming effect of lavender, I was actually fascinated by the extensive science behind it.* The flower contains high levels of linalool, an aromatic compound that elicits calm.* But just because there’s aroma in the name, doesn’t mean you have to smell the ingredient to reap the reward: A 2020 study found that consuming an oral version of lavender is a better long-term approach for supporting relaxation than smelling it.* Good news for someone who has consumed calm+ daily for the last nearly two weeks. 

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