An Omega-Packed Gluten-Free Bread Recipe Fit For Breakfast

While restricting carbs isn’t always the way to go, that doesn’t mean you can’t experiment with alternatives to your usual complex carbs every now and then. Take your bread, for example. “Bread can have a similar effect on blood sugar as eating sugar,” explains health coach Leisa Maloney Cockayne, “but it’s such a staple in our diet.”

The key? Opting for breads that are rich in nutrients wherever possible—whether that means sticking to sourdoughs (which some people find easier to digest), picking a whole wheat or whole grain option, or making your own simple loaf at home with hand-picked ingredients.

“This nutritious recipe is a high-protein swap for other breads, and it will undoubtedly become one of your most-made recipes,” writes Cockayne in The 7-Day Sugar Cleanse. Made with a mix of almond flour, whole seeds, and eggs, it is, as she says, a high-protein swap but also offers plenty of omega-3s—which flax and chia seeds are particularly good sources of—and it’s even gluten-free too.

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