Certain Amino Acids May Reduce Cognitive Decline, Research Finds

Abnormal protein aggregates in the brain, called “Tau,” are a telltale characteristic of Alzheimer’s. But interestingly enough, this study demonstrated Amino LP7 supplementation may reverse the aforementioned negative effects of a low-protein diet in mice, even with Tau aggregates.

“We have shown that it is possible to overcome this Tau deposition and prevent brain atrophy via supplementation with Amino LP7,” Akihiko Kitamura Ph.D. says. But why?

Based on their findings, it appears Amino LP7 may protect the brain by reducing brain inflammation, as well as preventing kynurenine, an inflammation inducer, from getting into the brain in the first place. Not only does this prevent inflammatory immune cells from attacking existing neurons, but Amino LP7 may also reduce neuronal death, plus improve neuronal connectivity and overall brain function.

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