Even Your Dog Thinks Seasonal Allergies Are The Worst. Here’s How to Help

Making efforts to strengthen your dog’s immune system with a high quality, raw diet may help to build up their natural defenses against allergens and provide benefits for overall well-being. The microbes in the raw food work to stimulate and educate the immune system so that it is protected from developing allergies down the road. Making this transition as early as possible is key as dogs tend to develop allergies around one to three years old.

But don’t worry, this doesn’t mean chopping up raw meat and veggies multiple times a day. Instinct Raw makes the raw diet easy with complete and balanced food that is minimally processed, protein-packed, and never cooked to preserve the integrity of every ingredient. Instead of high heat, Instinct uses Cold Pressure technology (AKA High Pressure Processing, or HPP) to ensure that their raw food formulas are safe and free from bacteria.

They take the extra step to keep their canine customers healthy and happy—with a strong commitment to the safety and quality of their food. In fact, Instinct is the only raw pet food company in North America to achieve an “excellent” Safe Quality Food (SQF) food safety rating and an SQF quality certification. Their recipes are made with real, responsibly-sourced ingredients like cage-free chicken, grass-fed beef and lamb, apples, blueberries, apple cider vinegar, and more. If you thought your pup got excited about mealtime before, just wait until you put down a bowl of Instinct Raw Frozen Bites… Game. Changer.

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