How A Longevity Expert Eats To Increase His Health & Lifespan

In addition to what he consumes, an important part of Young’s longevity strategy is what (or rather, when) he doesn’t consume: No surprise, Young is a fan of fasting. And he’s not the only longevity expert to be so—more research is needed, but intermittent fasting has been shown to extend the lifespan in animals; a recent study from 2019 also found that people who followed a time-restricted eating plan enhanced multiple genes associated with longevity (including one that upregulates autophagy—a cellular cleanup process that’s associated with a longer lifespan). 

“I fast from Monday evening to Wednesday morning every week,” he explains. (If you do the math, that’s 36 hours.) This is a pretty intense fast, and it’s not the only eating plan that has health benefits. “You just need to listen to your body and consult with your doctor,” Young says. (If you’re curious, here’s the minimum number of hours experts say you may need to fast to reap the benefits.)

It’s also essential to note that fasting is not suitable for everyone, especially those with certain medical conditions or a history of disordered eating. In these cases, it is best to avoid it or speak with your doctor about whether or not there is a healthy way to implement it.

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