How A Salad Per Day Can Support Brain Health, From A Nutritionist

And if you want to level up your daily bowl, feel free to sprinkle on a veggies powder—like mbg’s organic veggies+—to sneak even more dark, leafy green ingredients into the meal. In addition to those brain-healthy superstars (broccoli, spinach, kale, and cabbage to be specific), our specific blend is USDA certified organic and packed with hard-to-find organic sea vegetables, like kelp and chlorella, as well as organic berries, herbs, prebiotic fiber, and more. The blend delivers a good source of fiber in each tablespoon and supports detoxification and healthy blood sugar levels.* It truly elevates any recipe—it’s like the cherry (literally, organic veggies+ features organic acerola cherry) on top of a dense, brain-healthy salad.* 

As for other fun toppings, Hill makes a case for some healthy fats: “We know that lutein is fat-soluble,” he says. “So when you’re having that salad, some olive oil, avocado, or nuts and seeds on it is going to help you absorb those carotenoids.” Nuts and seeds also give the salad some texture (who doesn’t love a good crunch?), and a glug of olive or avocado oil makes a pretty stellar dressing base, if you ask us. 

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