How Stress Can Make You Stronger, From A Biohacking Expert

Through my time in the military, I discovered that life will throw countless challenges and obstacles at you. That’s just how the world works, and there’s nothing you can do about it. Eventually, something negative or difficult is going to happen.

While that information might seem daunting, I actually see it as empowering—because it means we can all proactively prepare and cultivate personal resilience.

How? By exposing ourselves to somewhat stressful and challenging situations on a regular basis. For example, I’m a major advocate of voluntarily training our nervous system and psychology with positive stressors, including exercise, sauna, intermittent fasting, meditation, breathwork, and cold exposure.

Every time we do so, we tap into the human body’s innate ability to adapt and get stronger. This biological phenomenon is called ‘hormesis’—in other words, ‘what doesn’t kill me makes me stronger.’ Inspired by all of this, I have written a book called Stronger by Stress that breaks down the science and practical application of this process. 

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