How This Functional Medicine Expert Supports His Gut Daily

Stress is a part of life. And after a busy day at work, my mind is racing. Even though these thoughts aren’t always inherently stressful or anxious, they can nonetheless become a point of stress if I don’t address them.

If out of control, stress can lead to consistently high levels of the primary stress hormone cortisol and lead to decreased oxygen delivery to your gut. Because of the special connection between your gut and brain—also known as the gut-brain axis—stress can directly impact the health of your gut.

To combat this, I always turn off my phone an hour or two before bed and set it in another area of my house and close out my evening with mindfulness. Not only does this reduce stress, it sets me up for an uninterrupted night of sleep which is also important considering a lack of sleep further perpetuates the cortisol cycle that impacts your gut.

Meditation is my personal favorite form of mindfulness but you can switch it up with prayer, journaling, or going on a walk.

While there are endless tools, supplements, and foods that can positively influence your gut health, it’s not always realistic or helpful to incorporate every single one into your daily routine. However, by establishing a few consistent daily practices like these, you can be on your way to a healthy foundation that you can build off of depending on your personal gut goals.

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