How To Care For The Carnivorous Plant At Home

Typically, Venus flytraps fend for themselves when it comes to catching and eating food. They have evolved to be able to hunt prey without relying on plant parents to help them out. “Although some growers like to feed their flytrap, it’s not necessary; this plant has adapted to capturing insects on its own, and insects will naturally be attracted to it,” explains Palomares.

That being said, if you’re growing inside and there aren’t any bugs in your space, you should consider feeding the plant. “A fly, spider, or other small morsel once every few weeks will keep your plant powered up,” explains Pangborn. If you’re wondering what’s the best way to feed your plant, “you can use a pair of tweezers to gently put the bug into the trap,” explains Webb.

“If the plant is not hungry, it will remain open for a while and then close up within an hour or two, which means it does not want to eat that specific bug,” Webb adds.

You need to pay attention to size because not all bugs or insects are suitable for a Venus flytrap. “A good rule of thumb is to choose insects that are one-third of the size of the trap,” says Palomares.

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