How To Craft A Winter Wind-Down Ritual For Better Sleep & Happier Holiday Feels

There’s nothing like a batch of unfrosted sugar cookies to keep you up past your bedtime, but sacrificing your sleep is asking for stress. Staying well-rested is key to navigating all of the potential holiday hiccups. Whether it’s a controversial conversation at the dinner table or interminable lines at the shopping mall—those eight hours of sleep will help you keep your attention on what really matters. And that starts with a cup of beam’s limited-edition White Chocolate Peppermint Dream Powder before bedtime.*

This decadent drink is a winter wind-down ritual in itself. Not only is it formulated with sleep-supporting ingredients like nano CBD and melatonin, but it also has a lineup of other ingredients that promote stress management and calm, like reishi, magnesium, and L-theanine.* There’s nothing like this guilt-free peppermint white chocolate treat, sweetened with monk fruit, to trigger a little holiday nostalgia. When it’s mixed with warm milk or hot water, you’ll be happy to make sleep your top priority.*

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