How To Create An Irresistible Body Care Ritual, With One Surprising Ingredient

These days, as women, it seems like we do it all. From advancing our careers to running a family to staying on top of our own well-being (perhaps all of the above), every day presents a new to-do list as we endeavor to live our very best lives. But how often do we hit pause to nourish our whole body? Does moisturizing with a luxurious oil or lotion ever make the list?

The busy woman may be thinking “yeah, right…” But a body care routine has more to offer than we realize. As Americans, we tend to dismiss body care as indulgence. In other parts of the world, whole-body care is a way of life, connecting women to themselves, nature, and the planet. And no brand represents that like NativaSPA, a Brazilian beauty company with products centered around one surprising ingredient: quinoa oil. Just now launching in the U.S., this brand comes as a reminder that our bodies are beautiful and worthy of a whole care ritual.

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