How To Make The Great Outdoors Your Gym

Nature is powerful — and we know this on a deeper, intuitive level. But science tells us exactly why. According to the Yale School of the Environment, spending time in nature can help lower blood pressure and stress hormone levels, while enhancing the function of our immune system. A little fresh air can even increase our self-esteem, inspire a better mood, and lower anxiety. 

We can tap into this power by taking more of our workouts outdoors. But also by weaving nature’s elements into our daily routine with Ricola herb drops. Made with a blend of 10 Swiss alpine herbs, they’re a simple and soothing dose of nature to support the occasional cough that comes around. But that earthy, subtly-sweet flavor blast also happens to be incredibly satisfying for the throat after a workout al fresco. I’ll show you exactly what I mean, with these four ways to turn The Great Outdoors into your own personal gym this summer.

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