How To Tell If You’re Ready To Move In With A Partner

“In addition to all the conversations, it is important to be together in the same physical space enough to know what living with the other person would be like,” Freidus says. “Spend weekends and evenings together. Go food shopping together. Take part in activities of each other’s daily lives. Take vacations together. Spend as much time together as possible in order to feel confident about the decision to live together.”

According to Paul C. Brunson, a professional matchmaker and host on UK dating shows Married At First Sight and Celebs Go Dating, the No. 1 thing you need to consider before moving in with your partner is behavioral consistency. You have to know what to expect. “Behavioral consistency refers to people’s tendency to behave in a way today that matches their past decisions or behaviors,” he says. “This single metric is vital because, without it, you literally can’t trust your partner. And you should never move in or share your world with someone you don’t trust.”

Honestly assess your partner’s behavior and determine if they regularly conduct themselves in a manner that makes you comfortable living with them. “If you notice erratic behavior that is unpredictable, irregular, or illogical for the situation, that is someone with whom I would not be willing to share keys to a home or my heart,” Brunson explains.

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