How To Use White Eyeliner For A Lifted Facial Appearance

White liners have their advantages—many use white or cream pencils on the bottom waterline to make their eyes appear larger. Similar to how you’d highlight the cheekbones to make them pop, brightening up the eye area has a wide-eyed effect. 

So why not take that trusty eye-highlighting pencil and, well, use it as a highlighter? Essentially, it functions just like a lighter shade of concealer would, brightening certain areas of your face and bringing them forth; however, the stark white color can create extra contrast. Plus, you know, you don’t have to worry about matching your undertones. 

After scrolling through TikTok (because where else can you find an endless chasm of beauty tips?), we came across a few tutorials: This user applies on the outer corner of her eyes, on the corner of her mouth, and underneath her cheekbones for some subtle lift, and this user traces underneath her brow bone to define the area.

White liners at the ready (we love this number from Thrive Causemetics), and follow the below: 

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