Model Veronica Webb Explains Her 3 Best Skin Care Tips

Webb’s go-to exfoliation routine is surprisingly low-key: a coconut oil and sugar blend. As she explains in the episode, it may not work for those with sensitive skin, but for those dealing with dullness—you’re in luck. 

“If your complexion is dull, take a little bit of coconut oil, a little bit of sugar, and mix it up together. Then apply it to your skin and let it sit there, like you would a mask, for about two minutes,” she says, noting how sugar and coconut oil’s lipids mimic your own and can support your skin barrier. “After that two minutes, get in the shower and rinse it off. And then when you get out, do it again: So you get all the dirt and the dead skin off in the first step, and then you have fresh, clean skin that you can then treat to a natural, mild exfoliation.”

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