Prepare For Feelings To Flow In

This week is offering a deeper connection to your higher self, spirit guides, and source energy. The way I’ve been seeing it, as we ride the proverbial crest of the wave I was talking about earlier, there is an abundance of light coming in, giving us a deeper sense of connection to the collective and our higher knowing.

During the last couple weeks of January, I was seeing a lot of light coming through, offering us new ways of thinking about old thought patterns that weren’t serving us—and then those patterns peeling away as a result. 

This week feels similar in terms of new light and information coming through, but this time it’s about a new understanding of how you fit in the collective and how your higher purpose may show up and what might be in the way of it.What I’m seeing is that when we ride the crest of the wave, we will receive a transmission of light and higher knowing. And then we may go down the wave and be immersed in some of the old, darker patterns again. This is when allowing ourselves to feel whatever comes up will come in handy.

If we can breathe deep while we are “underwater” (instead of holding our breath), support ourselves, and feel compassion, then we can move through challenges and release old patterns. Then when we feel the light again, we can process our experiences this week even more deeply as those old patterns gently fall away. 

Another way we can do this is through reprogramming. Those old feelings of low self-worth are just that: old (and based in subconscious beliefs that aren’t serving you). You don’t have to stay victim to them forever. You can do a reprogramming meditation; you can do hypnosis; or you can do some good old-fashioned daydreaming/envisioning.

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