Study Finds Skimping On Sleep Can Negatively Affect Diet Choices

Further, those snacks were typically high calorie with little nutritional value (i.e., things like soft drinks, chips, baked goods, etc.)

The study also found many of the participants, regardless of sleep duration, were frequently snacking at night. This is yet another reason to set and stick with an early bedtime that allows for adequate rest and prioritize a healthy nightly routine filled with relaxing wind-down activities, screen-free time, and maybe a sleep supplement.*

As senior author of the study, Christopher Taylor, Ph.D., RDN, notes in a news release, “Not only are we not sleeping when we stay up late, but we’re doing all these obesity-related behaviors: lack of physical activity, increased screen time, food choices that we’re consuming as snacks and not as meals. So it creates this bigger impact of meeting or not meeting sleep recommendations.”

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