Sweat First, Brunch Later. 7 Ideas For Creating The Ultimate Post-Workout Gathering

If meeting your fitness goals often feels like running in place (when you want to run a mile), you’re not alone. Whether you’re juggling the demands of your career, running a family, staying healthy, or all the above—fitness aspirations can be plain hard. But there’s one thing you can always count on to make fitness easier, and that’s your best pals!

We’re all craving more connection, which is why we’re prioritizing quality time with our besties this year. But we’re also en route to living our best lives… Which is why it’s time to drag them to that spin class you’ve been avoiding! No one ever regrets a social sweat, especially when it’s followed with loads of hydration, a protein-powered brunch, and a delightful cocktail. From bubbly Ketel One Botanical sips to a brunch spread covered in delicious eats and floral decor, make your first Spin & Brunch gathering a hit with these seven ideas:

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