The 7 Secrets To Starting A Book Club That Actually Sticks

Once you have a good idea of who’s coming, you can land the logistics of your book club. We tend to think book clubs must take place in somebody’s living room, with the furniture arranged in a circle… But I prefer trendier, vibing places—like the lobby of a swanky hotel or a co-working space with great aesthetics. But nature is also a fan favorite. Why not spend the evening sprawled out on blankets in the park? You can even get creative and match your location to the theme of your book. Pair that evening in the park with Where the Grass Is Green and the Girls Are Pretty, a highly entertaining novel by Lauren Weisberger about sisters and their perfect lies—oops, we mean lives.

The Zoom fatigue is real, but hear me out. Another great location for your book club is the World Wide Web, and why? Because it’s one less hurdle between your guests and their attendance. Once you figure out the location, next comes the time. Pick a day, time, and consistency that works with your group. If your group has a lot of moms—opt for nap time, or Sunday afternoons when they can get away. If your group is full of millennials with day jobs, make it a happy hour book club. In other words, cater to your audience.

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