The 8 Best Vitamin D Supplements For Bone Health & More*

Vitamin D is a big topic right now—and considering an alarming 41% of American adults meet the criteria for insufficiency (meaning they have levels lower than 30 ng/ml) and 93% of U.S. adults aren’t even getting 400 IU of this essential fat-soluble vitamin from their daily diet, it’s well-deserving of the attention.

Given how tricky (OK, more like impossible) it is to get ample amounts of the nutrient from food and sunlight alone, taking a supplement is ultimately the route to achieving and sustaining an ideal vitamin D level—which is 50 ng/ml or higher—for life.*

The thing is, though, that all vitamin D supplements are not created equal. In fact, they’re far from it. Here are our top picks for getting the high-quality vitamin D you need (and in ample amounts) from your supplement routine.

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