The Best Vitamin D Supplement For Supporting Healthy D Levels*

Throughout the last couple of years, it’s become clearer than ever how important vitamin D is for our health—and what’s at stake if we fall short.* Thing is, vitamin D continues to be one of the most common nutrient gaps and nutrient deficiencies in the U.S. and world. Research demonstrates that a staggering 41 percent of American adults meet the clinical definition for vitamin D insufficiency, while 29 percent are straight-up deficient.

Since this fat-soluble micronutrient is essential (daily) for promoting bone, teeth, muscle, immune, and whole-body health, mindbodygreen set out to create a premium and effective vitamin D supplement with a unique ability to support healthy levels.* With our new vitamin D3 potency+, we hacked the average vitamin D supplement by combining a clinically effective dose (5,000 IU) of high-quality vitamin D3 (hello, organic algal source) with healthy organic oils for optimal absorption.*

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