This Is The Vitamin D Level We Should All Really Be Striving For

So if 30 ng/ml really doesn’t cut it if you want to best support your health and wellbeing, what vitamin D levels should you strive to achieve and maintain?

 “As an endocrinologist, I know that achieving optimal serum 25(OH)D levels in the 50+ ng/ml range is imperative for immune health, bone health, and more,” Henderson says. “This is the average or median level at which most association studies show various benefits, including immune health, balanced mood, and more.”

And the tool to achieve that level of 50 ng/ml is clearly vitamin D3 supplementation, according to Henderson’s clinical expertise with hundreds of patients, plus the collective D science to date.*

While hitting 30 ng/ml is a start (especially if you’re starting out with very levels below 20 ng/ml, which means you’re clinically deficient), it’s not the goal.

“We are consistently undertreating patients when we stop at 30 ng/ml,” Henderson continues. “Our population is heavily vitamin D deficient and targeting an optimal level of 50 ng/ml has an enormous impact on all aspects of human health.”

Ferira adds this analogy, “Aiming for 30 ng/ml is like signing up and paying for four years of college but never attending any classes, taking any tests, or graduating. It’s really unwise and is going to hurt.”

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