Weekly Horoscope For November 8–14, 2021, From The AstroTwins

This magic-making mashup will lend a fairy-tale quality to the whole weekend, filling it with promise and possibility. After the dodgy vibes of the early half of the week, this wide-eyed wonder will feel like a blessing. But some self-protection is still warranted. Neptune in Pisces is a boundary dissolver, which can also make you gullible. “Trust” might be established a little too quickly under these skies—and it’s easy to get suckered by a smooth sales pitch. Neptune is the planet of fantasy and illusion while the Sun governs our egos, and flattery can get people everywhere. Enjoy the fawning, but don’t fall under its spell. And hey, maybe that “too good to be true” opportunity will check out as totally legit! The Sun-Neptune trine can usher in miracles just as readily as it can pull the wool over your eyes. So run the background checks before making a final call.

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