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The Queen of Cups is a very intuitive figure that carries a mothering, nurturing quality, tarot reader and author of The Big Book of Tarot Readings Sam Magdaleno tells mbg. “She’s very supportive, guided by her heart, and sometimes she can represent psychic abilities, too,” she adds.

The Cup suit in tarot is connected to water, Magdaleno explains, which is all about rebirth, emotion, and intuition.

She notes that in the traditional Rider Waite Smith deck card, you can see the Queen sitting right on the edge of water, with one of her feet on the pebbles and one in the water, representing that she’s balanced in what she does. “She’s obviously very influenced by her emotions and intuition—but she’s grounded at the same time,” Magdaleno says.

Notably, the Queen of Cups is also the only card with a cup that is closed. “In all the other suits and cups, the cups are open,” Magdaleno adds. “Hers has angels on it, suggesting she’s really in tune with her spirituality—but the lid means she keeps things more to herself, and those emotions she’s led by are pretty contained,” which helps her lead with a steady and grounded approach, she explains.

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