What To Learn From The Social Media Outage, From A Psychologist

Walking can be an amazing way to “scroll” the IRL environment around you because your surroundings will naturally change as you walk past buildings, trees, people, or other scenes around your path. Studies have shown that the physical movement of walking, and the ever-changing surroundings it brings, help the brain to process information differently—you literally get a fresh perspective on things. Plus, your body is enjoying the chance to get fresh air, burn off extra adrenaline, and reduce cortisol. 

If you still feel fidgety during your walk, try planning a catch-up phone call with a friend while you walk, listen to a podcast or audiobook (just fyi, my recent book on anxiety is available as an audiobook!), or do a common walking meditation technique where you silently name the colors, animals, and objects you observe as you walk (this helps connect you with your surroundings and build your attention span). All of these activities can give your body and mind something nourishing to do if you ever find yourself “fidgeting” on social media.

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