3 Reasons Why Your Business Should Work With a Business Speakers Bureau


If you’re seeking a business keynote speaker, you might wonder: What’s the difference between a business speakers bureau and any other type of speakers bureau? Aren’t speakers bureaus all the same?

Speakers bureaus aren’t all the same. Business speakers bureaus specialize in keynote speakers for businesses. These business speakers are experts in the types of business topics and issues all businesses can face, whether your organization is a private business, start-up, or brand name Fortune 500 company.

If you’re a business looking for a business keynote speaker, here are three reasons you would want to work with a business speakers bureau instead of any other type of speakers bureau.


1) Business Speakers Bureaus Specialize in Business Keynote Speakers

If you want a business keynote speaker for your event or meeting, then you would want to reach out to a business speakers bureau. Business speakers bureaus specialize in business speakers. These keynote speakers are current and former CEOs, company founders, bestselling business authors, and popular thought leaders.


2) Business Speakers Bureaus Address All Business Topics

If you want an expert in a business topic that can help your business or employees, then book a keynote speaker from a business speakers bureau. Business speakers bureaus have a huge database of keynote experts. 

It doesn’t matter if your business topic is about the basics of leadership, teamwork, or motivation or the latest trends in cybersecurity, blockchain technology, and artificial intelligence. Business speakers bureaus can connect you with keynote speakers who are familiar with the latest industry trends and can speak to the current challenges your business is facing.


3) Business Speakers Know Business Because TheyAre Also a Business

When you want business expertise, you don’t ask someone who has never worked in a business, you ask someone who understands business. Business speakers bureaus are experts in business issues because they are a business. These bureaus face the same business challenges that your business is facing. Unlike industry and trade bureaus, who might represent the speaking interests of a certain industry (and who are often paid for by that industry), business speakers bureaus are for-profit organizations. 

For example, business bureaus understand the daily challenges with sales, marketing, and leadership because they are a business. Likewise, business bureaus understand the changes being brought to your organization by emerging technologies and new government policies because they must navigate the same waters.


If you’re looking for a business keynote speaker or business expert, reach out to a business speakers bureau like BigSpeak Speakers Bureau. BigSpeak are the experts on business experts.


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