3 Ways to Expand Your Organization’s DEI Efforts with Wema Hoover


What does diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI) mean to you? According to DEI Speaker Wema Hoover, diversity involves the characteristics and experiences that define us. Equity involves making organizational practices impartial and fair for all, and inclusion means engaging and involving each individual to foster a sense of belonging within an organization (Property Casualty 360).

Improving DEI measures in the workplace leads to higher levels of employee satisfaction, trust, and engagement. Businesses also see higher revenue growth and employee retention when they prioritize diversity, equity and inclusion. 


Looking to expand your organization’s DEI efforts? Wema Hoover offers three steps you and your team can take:

  1. Make DEI the object and outcome of all workplace and people-focused initiatives.
  2. Understand and leverage the experience of underserved groups.
  3. Activate inclusion by bringing all voices to the center of the conversation and to lead inclusively.


Read on for more business benefits of DEI initiatives. 


An authentic, riveting and impactful speaker, Wema Hoover uses her lived experiences as a Black female senior executive working both in the US and abroad to provide practical insights, perspectives and actions enabling organizations to realize the true potential of diversity and inclusion. Previously serving as a Chief Diversity Officer, Cultural Strategist, Executive Coach and Employee Engagement Leader amongst the top Fortune 500 companies Wema has served as the architect and driver of transformational change leveraging diversity, equity and inclusion to activate employee engagement, build diverse talent pipelines and harness cultural competence to connect and interact with customers and clients in more meaningful ways that strengthen business performance.

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