Artificial Intelligence in Today’s World

Artificial Intelligence (AI) has been changing the way we work, the way we shop, and even the way we use our cell phones. Top health and technology keynote speaker Jose Morey is well versed in AI, with his years of experience as a medical consultant for NASA, IBM, and Hyperloop Transportation. Morey consults with companies and healthcare systems to help create and train their deep learning algorithms and neural networks to create intelligent systems in healthcare and aerospace.

Is your company struggling with how to use AI technologies best for your business?  Bring in keynote speaker Jose Morey to speak to your leadership team and he can enlighten you on the opportunities AI presents to move your business forward.

Don’t let us convince you, see what others are saying about Jose Morey:

“José’s keynote was the perfect blend of innovation and inspiration. His warm and personal speaking style engaged our audience from the start, and his presentation offered deep insight into how technical expertise can – and should – be paired with curiosity to inform and improve professional and personal growth.” ~American Society for Quality


Artificial intelligence, big data, and deep learning are going to change the way we work, live, and love. Predictive tools and machine learning neural networks have the capability to not only take on routine tasks but to tackle bigger problems. In this talk, Morey talks about the new challenges and opportunities awaiting businesses that take advantage of these new tools.

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