Have We Entered a New Era? Future of Work Keynote Speaker Heather McGowan Discusses the Great Reset and the Human Capital Era

Why does it seem like society as we once knew it has been crumbling beneath us? In a recent article in Duke Corporate Education’s Dialogue, Future of Work Expert Heather McGowan explains the pandemic has triggered massive disruption in every aspect of our lives– and specifically how we work. Although the process of growing and changing rarely feels good at first, this ‘great reset’ is making room for a more equitable and inclusive society that Heather calls the ‘Human Capital Era.’

“In the Human Capital Era, workers are valued as an investment to be nurtured, rather than an expense to be managed. It is reshaping every aspect of the American workforce, and it demands we rethink everything from the demographic composition of the workforce, to how we measure the meaning and outcomes of work,” says Heather.

Heather McGowan is a top innovation virtual keynote speaker, author, and strategic consultant. McGowan helps leaders prepare their people and organizations for the Fourth Industrial Revolution. McGowan’s clients range from start-ups to publicly traded Fortune 500 companies, including AMP Financial, Autodesk, Biogen, Citi, Accor Hotels, AARP, The World Bank, and BD Medical.

This great reset has impacted our current structures of work, what we do at work, where we work, how we measure work, and the reasons why we work – to all ultimately become more centered around human needs and diversity, equity and inclusion. Learn more in Heather’s article in Duke Corporate Education’s Dialogue.  

Fascinated by the future of work? Consider booking Heather McGowan for your upcoming event or conference. Please call 805.965.1400 or email info@bigspeak.com to inquire.

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