Leaders Developing Leaders with Thomas Koldtiz

Are you looking to develop your employees for leadership? Do you want your managers to become better mentors for their teams? Invite leadership keynote speaker Brigadier Gen. Thomas Koldtiz to your next leadership meeting. Kolditz’s research shows that the leadership skills and principles that are evident in dangerous settings apply to leading in the business world as well. Develop your leaders today with this engaging keynote speaker who audiences describe as inspiring and entertaining.


One of a leader’s most powerful legacies is developing the leaders who follow them. Leadership development programs in business are often focused on talent managers and HR directors. Brigadier Gen. Tom Kolditz illustrates how, in an evidence-based way, each leader can personally and directly develop their people, increasing the performance and retention of employees and building a solid foundation for the future. Tapping leadership development principles used at West Point, the Yale School of Management, and other high-performing organizations, Tom’s presentation creates a clear path and practical framework for leaders to have greater impact and influence over their people while simultaneously helping them achieve their potential.

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