Omar Johnson Featured in Salesforce Official Blog

BigSpeak Exclusive Speaker Omar Johnson has been featured on Salesforce’s official blog writing about diversity. Johnson, former CMO of Beats by Dre, argues that having a diverse team is essential to business growth.

To Johnson, diversity and inclusion (D&I) needs to start at the top. He writes, “If your leadership team all looks the same (and) comes from the same backgrounds…you’re likely not leading by example.” When the leadership team is diverse, it can become a core value for the organization. Moreover, employees are encouraged to adopt D&I as important if they see it starting at the top.

Additionally, Johnson iterates that companies need to take advantage of micro-moments to build an engaged corporate culture. In the world of remote work and endless Zoom meetings, finding moments for employees to simply be themselves around one another is key. This can be as simple as an office happy hour or as complex as a company offsite event. 

Johnson argues that only through creating an engaged, diverse corporate culture, can companies maximize their potential. Organizations that follow this model see the world differently and consequently can implement ground-breaking, transformative ideas. 

To read Omar Johnson’s full Salesforce blog post, click here.

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