The Top 20 Leadership Speakers of 2021

2021 feels like it’s passing us by in a flash. With political crises, natural disasters and a general sense of unease and anxiety, the past two years have been hard on all of us. In times of chaos and trouble, we need strong, flexible leadership more than ever, and our top leadership keynote speakers are here to help managers and directors everywhere step up to the plate and lead their teams through disruption.


 Molly Bloom is a top leadership speaker, entrepreneur and bestselling author. Her story of overcoming setbacks and achieving success in fast-paced, high-stress situations inspires audiences and has been adapted into an Oscar-nominated film.


Top EQ expert and leadership thought leader JP Pawliw-Fry has worked with leaders from Fortune 500 companies, Marines, Olypmians and NFL teams. He teaches people to employ empathy at work to lead and inspire their teams in safe, supportive environments.


Leadership Imagineer and top speaker Simon T. Bailey has been recognized as one of the top 25 people who will help you achieve your life goals by SUCCESS Magazine. He connects with his audiences on all levels with relevant messaging and tangible takeaways. 


 CNN hero and bestselling author  Robyn Benincasa is a powerhouse motivational and leadership keynote speaker. One of the highest-rated female speakers in the world, she presents over 100 times a year, her insight-packed keynotes leaving people invigorated and primed for collaboration.


Customer loyalty and leadership speaker Ken Schmidt is the former Director of Communication at Harley-Davidson. An expert at creating loyal and vocal customer bases and developing inspiring leaders, he has partnered with many of the world’s biggest and most successful brands.


Bill Benjamin is a top thought leader on leadership and peak performance who regularly works with senior leaders and their teams at Fortune 500 organizations to show them how to overcome obstacles and achieve their full potential.


Netflix co-founder and bestselling author Marc Randolph is also a prominent entrepreneurial and leadership keynote speaker. A frequent mentor to startup founders, his four decade-spanning career and storytelling skills have left him able to inspire anyone.


Global Growth Evangelist Tiffani Bova has earned recognition from Top Sales World Magazine, Thinkers50, and the National Diversity Council, and is a top influencer on Twitter. An expert on business growth and customer experience, she shows leaders how to stay relevant, be bold and create an engine for sustained and repeatable growth.


Named one of Forbes’ Top 50 Women in Tech, Marita Cheng is a robotocist, leadership keynote speaker and entrepreneur The founder of the organizations Robogals, Aipoly, and Aubot, she has given speeches in 15 countries on managing remote teams, advancements in the realm of AI, and successfully building a business from scratch.


Top leadership keynote speaker and Fortune 100 Innovation Leader Cassandra Worthy arms leaders to guide their organizations with grace and courage in times of change. Audiences leave her keynotes empowered, educated, and excited to do their jobs.


Bestselling author and Stanford Professor Robert Sutton is an expert on what makes a good manager and how to create a respectful, competent company culture. Named a “B-School All-Star” by BusinessWeek, he has presented in over 20 countries to over 200 audiences.


Vernice “Flygirl” Armour is a gutsy, high energy leadership speaker whose presentations move her audiences to action. As  America’s first Black female combat pilot, she’s a trailblazer with plenty of amazing anecdotes and hard-won advice for leaders in every sector.


Retired Brigadier General and leadership speaker Thomas Kolditz has been recognized as a top leadership thought leader. With a background managing others in extreme and volatile environments, he assists his audiences in understanding the principles of servant leadership and change management.


Jackie Freiberg is a top speaker and culture coach who has been named one of the “Top 30 Best Minds on Leadership.” With her timeless strategies and three decades of experience, her keynotes have lasting impact.


A globally recognized change and leadership expert, speaker Lisa Bodell empowers her audiences with thought-provoking examples and viable techniques for leading through change and eliminating complexity in the workplace to enable collaboration and innovation.


Leadership and technology keynote speaker Vivienne Ming is an entrepreneur, think tank co-founder, and theoretical neuroscientist. Her research into remote work and insights on the importance of inclusion are especially timely for the leaders of today.


Multimedia artist and innovator Phil Hansen is also a top leadership speaker and master storyteller who provides audiences with unforgettable interactive experiences that leave them inspired and primed for success.


Adventurer Jeff Evans’ myriad travels and expeditions have made him one of the world’s most engaging, dynamic leadership speakers. A master of servant leadership, he shares impactful insights in his memorable and often humorous keynotes. 


Dave Mochel is an author, CEO, and top leadership keynote speaker who has coached athletes, health care professionals, and educators. He’s an expert on mindful, inclusive leadership, and uses a combination of research and humor to help leaders strengthen relationships with their teams and turn challenges into opportunities for growth.


Human behavior expert Colette Carlson’s clients include Boeing, Pepsi, Shell, and the United States Government, and her articles have been featured in Success and Business Management Daily. She has a special interest in empowering female leaders to become credible, confident, and deliver results. 


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