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Where do we find that spark to get us motivated so we can reach our goals? Inspiration can come from anywhere and no more so than from those who have faced big challenges and overcome them.  At BigSpeak Speakers Bureau, we work with some of the top inspirational keynote speakers for business in the industry. They can inspire you and your team to new heights.

These top inspirational speakers have overcome obstacles, built great businesses, and written the book on dealing with challenges. Their personal stories of handling setbacks and achieving success have inspired millions of people in the United States and across the world. If your company or event is in need of an inspiring keynote speaker, check out these great inspirational keynote speakers.

Molly Bloom

Molly Bloom is an inspirational keynote speaker, author, and the subject of the Oscar-nominated Aaron Sorkin film, Molly’s Game. Using examples from her career, Molly inspires audiences with the tools she used to rise to the top of her industry and overcome personal setbacks.

James Clear

James Clear is a personal development keynote speaker and the bestselling author of Atomic Habits, which has sold 5 million copies worldwide. He inspires audiences to achieve their goals and make important changes in their life by learning the secrets to setting good habits and breaking bad ones.

Marc Randolph

Marc Randolph is a business inspirational speaker, co-founder of Netflix, and bestselling author of That Will Never Work. Randolph inspires business audiences with the knowledge he gained from creating and developing Netflix.

Jia Jiang

Jia Jiang is an inspirational keynote speaker and resilience expert with the most viewed TED Talk of 2017. He uses funny and moving examples from his book Rejection Proof to inspire audiences to become more resilient in the face of rejection.

J.P. Pawliw-Fry

J.P. Pawliw Fry is a performance and change expert and the bestselling author of Performing Under Pressure. His lessons of how to work well under pressure have inspired athletes, military personnel, and Fortune 500 companies all over to achieve their best when feeling their worst.

Albert Lin

Albert Yu-Min Lin is an inspirational keynote speaker and storyteller. In 2008, a conversation with a friend inspired him to transform himself from just another restless graduate student at UC San Diego to follow his dream of becoming a National Geographic Explorer. On his journey, he lost a leg, founded a business, became an inventor, and evolved into an in-demand international keynote speaker.

Simon T. Bailey

Simon T. Bailey is a peak performance keynote speaker and leadership imagineer. He inspires companies and employees to find that internal spark to achieve greatness. SUCCESS magazine named Simon as one of the top 25 people who will help you reach your business and life goals.

Duncan Wardle

Duncan Wardle is a top innovation keynote speaker and the former Vice President of Innovation & Creativity at The Walt Disney Company. Duncan uses his 25 years of experience at Disney to inspire businesses and employees to find their spark by thinking differently.

Tan Le

Tan Le is an inspirational keynote speaker, technology entrepreneur, author, and founder and CEO of EMOTIV. She inspires audiences with her personal story of an immigrant girl from Vietnam who grew up to make a brainwear device that helped a paraplegic man drive a car with thoughts alone.

James Lawrence

James Lawrence, aka The Iron Cowboy, is an inspirational speaker and endurance athlete. He completed 50 Ironman triathlons, in 50 states, in 50 consecutive days (50.50.50) in 2015, then later topped that feat by completing 100 Ironmans in 2021. Using examples from his races and race preparation, James inspires audiences to develop a mindset to take on their own challenges.

Cassandra Worthy

Cassandra Worthy is a motivational keynote speaker, innovator, and the world’s leading expert on Change Enthusiasm® Cassandra inspires and empowers her audiences so they can shine and overcome any challenge in their life.


Whether you’re looking to do a conference, keynote, webinar, or Zoom meeting, these top inspirational keynote speakers have the skills to deliver an exciting and motivational experience.

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